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Located in Melbourne, Australia


The Anthropocene.
Published: 2014 

Native Publications,NYC
C41magazine, Italy
Vogue Australia, June 2013

The Commsion Magazine, UK
Square Space Magazine, Unknown books
Wertn, France


You are known for your 35mm film photography. What is it about film that attracts you? Especially in the digital wave?

I havn’t always shot on film.I was at Uni when multimedia and the web really took a hold. I was inspired by early video artists and electronic music, after textiles I majored in Fine Art - Video Art. That digital back ground has always shaped my visual style.

It's taken me many years of practice and patients to get the quality of images I have achieved with film. The challenges, surprises and texture of the film has always kept me interested. Including the relationships with developers.  Im still learning about different film types and my boundaries of light.  It’s been a fulfilling journey to understand the camera. Now I don’t shoot on anything else.

What do you dream of photographing that you haven’t had a chance to photograph yet?

I’m particularly interested in our consumer driven society, the effects on the environment and our mental state. Our disconnection from the natural world and animal instincts. How technology is effecting our ability to use our intuition. Ive been working through these ideas and how to represent them visually. It’s a work in progress.

We saw a publication on line that you were invited to use an iPhone camera to shoot and you mentioned that the textile industry is the 2nd pollutant of the planet after oil. Do you actively use photography to share some of the values you believe in? If so, how do you utilize the medium?

Industry, pollution, over population, society, technology, decay, contrasted by the beauty of the natural world runs heavy in my own practice. These issues have a strong internal dialogue for me, I often seek out these spaces. I released a book of landscapes, which focused on this subject matter. And after being involved in the fashion industry for many years, I feel a responsibility to share its effects on the environment and society.

Is there one story or experience that you can share that made you realize the impact of photos in your line of photography?

Besides inspiring others to look at their world. Photos and the process of image making connects people. Many of my best friends have come into my life from shooting together. The impact of collaborating and having a common goal. Developing a visual style and community is important to me.

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